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Description: Cheerleader Kat comes home from cheer practice and is overheard cussing on the phone by her brother Kyle saying bad words. He immediately scolds her before marching her to the bathroom, washing her mouth out with soap and then giving her the spanking of her life!
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lizsmith7772000 - 2140 days ago
Good Idea with the soap!!!
dozo - 2497 days ago
splendid work
Manchaterfield - 2517 days ago
Five stars for Zelda music and a good spanking
bubblyboo1990 - 2847 days ago
good video, man kyle is a good disciplinarian and cute! :) Well, i guess i could maybe do with some de-cussing time.....but whats a girl to do when she lives in england and lives in uni.....i guess its all that freedom makes me head towards the wrong decisions.....hehehe!!! Still think the Kyle/Kat videos are cute!!
NaughtyWife69 - 2865 days ago
Soap in the mouth is the worst. Icky :P
sammiekid01 - 2876 days ago
amazing job kyle. loved it.
karen - 2930 days ago
shit that was a good one Kyle and Kat . I think you could do an uncle scene must say though i love all the videos u do . Good struggle Kat but Kyle won in the end : }
ambz1489 - 3014 days ago
Whoops...I was thretened with a spanking for my spelling once before, but he never went through with it. Shame really, maybe my behaviour would be better today if he had done it. I'm not sure if we could a session to be honest because although it would be good, I'm in the UK and you're ovbiosly in the US. Unless you can think of any way around it....\r\n\r\nSpanks, Amber ;)
WWEjunkie2006 - 3016 days ago
I think that sounds like a perfect idea. The misspelled words are to be circled with the red pen. ;-) lol jk email me if you want to talk about a session.
ambz1489 - 3017 days ago
Hey Kyle. Fuck.... You really do remind me of James Spader (I said Marsden before, like aaaages ago, my mistake). I think you're really good looking. And you're a great disciplinarian too. I have a bit of a problem with cussing and swearing, so maybe I need a bit of a maintenance spanking....\r\n\r\nI'll leave you to be the judge of that. Amber xxx
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